a weird week

A good weird week, but still a weird one. Routine was a little upside down, but you roll with it. Also, I got excited about cooking something that wasn’t salmon, which never happens. OK, I should say making, not cooking, but utterly obsessed with Deborah’s dill pickle ranch dressing. It made my baby carrots way… Read More a weird week

Forward March

on the eve of a year of covid19, I think I’m the last person to post about virtual races. Between rehabbing the IT band last spring and a lack of interest, I didn’t really do many virtual races or the distance challenges, and I didn’t do the one I thought I would definitely do. That… Read More Forward March

peeking in

the internet is great, social media is wonderful. Both kept us connected through this crazy year. Yet  sometimes you need to disconnect. and so I did. At the time of sitting down to write this “run down” on Saturday night, I hadn’t touched my computer in a week and didn’t really want to. I’m still… Read More peeking in


Running technology was not nice to me this week. Both my fitbit and my Garmin were, to steal a phrase from my former flatmate, packing a sad. Fitbit issues are battery related, Garmin is a little bit of who knows. So far it has stumped their customer service. It’s well out of warranty and there’s… Read More Snowmageddon